Here is a list of instruments that I played on the following albums: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Nylon String Guitar, Baritone Guitar, Lap Steel, Slide Guitar, E-bow, Electric Bell, Vocals, Baritone Ukulele, Mandolin, Mando Guitar, Banjo, Omnichord, Sitar Guitar, Glockenspiel, Percussion, Saw

Anna Tivel, Small Believer, Producer, Instrumentalist, Engineer, Mixer

Meg Hutchinson, How Many Miles, Instrumentalist

Anna Tivel, Heroes Waking Up, Producer, Instrumentalist, Engineer, Mixer

Chris Pureka, Back In The Ring, Instrumentalist

The Mountain Goats, Beat The Champ, Instrumentalist

Dietrich Strause, Little Stones To Break The Giant’s Heart, Producer, Instrumentalist, Engineer

Josh Ritter, The Beast In Its Tracks, Instrumentalist

Anne Heaton, Dora, Instrumentalist, Engineer

Rose Cousins, We Have Made A Spark, Instrumentalist, Engineer

Jason Myles Goss, Radio Dial, Instrumentalist, Engineer

Della Mae, I Built This Heart, Producer, Engineer

Josh Ritter, Live At The Iveagh Gardens (2 CDs & DVD), Instrumentalist

Rose Polenzani, The Rabbit, Instrumentalist

Brian Webb, Strange Way To Grieve, Producer, Instrumentalist, Engineer

Allie Moss, Late Bloomer, Instrumentalist

Josh Ritter, To The Yet Unknowing World (EP), Instrumentalist, Engineer

Heartacre, Climb, Producer, Instrumentalist, Engineer

Carlin Tripp, The Belfry (EP), Instrumentalist, Engineer

Josh Ritter, So Runs The World Away, Instrumentalist, Engineer

Forest Fires (Christopher Pappas), Hark!... And Other Lost Transmissions, Instrumentalist, Engineer

Mark Erelli, Little Vigils, Instrumentalist, Engineer

Anna Coogan, The Nocturnal Among Us, Instrumentalist, Engineer

Chris O’Brien, Little Red, Instrumentalist, Engineer

Amber Rubarth, Good Mystery, Producer, Instrumentalist, Engineer

Jason Myles Goss, A Plea For Dreamland, Producer, Instrumentalist, Engineer

Rose Cousins, The Send Off, Vocals, Engineer

Bill Fagley, You Don’t Care, Instrumentalist, Engineer

Josh Ritter, Live At The 9:30 Club, Instrumentalist

Rachael Davis, Antebellum Queens, Instrumentalist

Mark Erelli, Delivered, Instrumentalist, Engineer

Lissa Schneckenburger, Song, Instrumentalist

Jason Myles Goss, Dreamland (Live EP), Instrumentalist

Chris O’Brien, Lighthouse, Producer, Instrumentalist

Julie Rosenthal, Another Kind of Life, Producer, Instrumentalist, Engineer

Andrew Norsworthy, Horizon City, Instrumentalist

Steve Mayone, Unfortunate Son, Instrumentalist

Blue Horizon, Shapeshifter, Instrumentalist

Rose Polenzani, August, Instrumentalist

Kristin Cifelli, So Long My Love, Instrumentalist

Boris McCutcheon, Turbulent Amusement, Instrumentalist

Mark McKay, Shimmer, Instrumentalist

Brian Webb, Broken Folk, Instrumentalist

Jess Klein, Little White Dove (Radio Version), Instrumentalist

Daniel Barrett, Shadows, Instrumentalist

Nate Borofsky, Never Enough Time, Instrumentalist

Jess Klein, Wishes Well Disguised, Instrumentalist